Pacific Coast Garden Railway Supply

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Color Selection

  The standard off-the-shelf color stains for our structures are Pullman Green (PG), Box Car Red (BR), Bumble Bee Yellow (BBY), B&O Blue (BB), Maintenance-of-Way Gray (MOW G), Colonial Yellow (CY), D&RG Cream, Depot Buff (DB), and Roundhouse Red (RR).  The bases of all our towers, platforms, turntables, and bins are stained creosote brown.


  As an additional service to our customers, we offer custom color staining of the exterior of our structures so that you can have a structure that matches the paint scheme of your garden railroad! This custom staining service is available for an additional one-time charge of $30 per color for any quantity of structures. Simply send a color sample along with your order for matching.  All of our structures are double stained with premium Behr 10 year exterior house stains, color matched by computer.


  You may also choose not to have the structure stained!  Some of our structures are available in raw redwood, so that you may stain them yourself, or let them weather to a natural tint of your desire. Please check the order form to see which structures are available in "raw" form.


  Cedar shingles are optional on many of our structures.  When we ship a structure with a cedar shingle roof, we leave it in its raw cedar appearance.  This allows the customer to define what "look" he or she may want the roof to obtain.  Some people let the cedar weather naturally to a gray-silver color.  Others want that aged look immediately by staining the shingles.  Either way is fine by us, but we do request that once you obtain the desired "look", that you seal the roof with a waterproofing agent like Thompson's Water Seal, or the equivalent.  Do not use varnishes, since they tend to discolor and peel when exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.