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1:20.3 scale of left.  1:24 scale on right.

Handcar Shed Scale Comparison

  The model 9723 Handcar Shed is the 1:20.3 scale version of the 9703 Handcar Shed (1:24 scale).  Also known as section houses, they were spaced at regular intervals on a railroad.  The section crew would store tools and equipment that were needed to help maintain the right-of-way.  The handcar provided the means of moving the crew and supplies along their section of track or means of inspecting the trackage.  Thus, many of these structures would be right at home on any garden railway.


  The model 9723 Handcar Shed is a strong structure that is mounted on a dark gray PVC base to protect it from ground moisture and provide a sturdy means of attaching the rails.  This structure features a front sliding door so that one can access the handcar, along with an opening door on the end that leads into the track foreman's office.  On each end, a set of windows provides light for those working inside.


  The walls of the shed are built from individually milled redwood strips, glued together with waterproof glue, to form the board and batten siding.  The siding is secured to an interior wall to form a structurally sound wall.  For more support, all of the internal corners and bases of the walls have 3/8" x 3/8" redwood members to reinforce the structure.  All surfaces inside and out (except those between the shed and the PVC) are double stained to seal the surface from moisture.  One of the finest features of this structure is the charm of the hand shingled cedar roof!  Each shingle is cut by hand and attached to a 3/4" solid redwood subroof using Titebond II waterproof glue.  The solid redwood subroof minimizes the chances of the roof being crushed, if something or someone should accidentally fall on it.  It can be obtained in our standard colors (link to Color Selection), or it can be obtained as raw redwood.


  The serialized Handcar Shed requires a space that is 9" long and 7" deep.  The overall height of the shed is 8 1/2".  The weight of the structure is about three pounds.


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Includes track and features operating doors.  Shown without PVC base.

Model 9723 Handcar Shed with Model 0640 Los Pinos Water Tank

Model 9723 Handcar Shed.  Color is D&RGW Cream.  Shown without standard PVC base.

9723 Handcar Shed

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