Model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed.  Color is D&RGW Cream

Model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed with standard platform

Model 9625 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed with metal roof and optional platform

Model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed with optional ramp

Model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed back view

 The model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed is the 1:20.3 scale cousin of the 1:24 scale model 9604 Lineside Tool and Supply Shed introduced years ago! It also is a charming structure that features a board and batten structure built on a raised platform.  The shed has three movable doors; two standard doors, and a third, is a sliding freight door.  You can also obtain the supply shed with a corrugated metal, tar paper roof, or cedar shingles.  The platform is of a traditional post and sill design, however a stacked timber design, similar to the 9604 version is also available.  There is a rear stairway to ground level, and a dock area to load or unload wagons or trucks.  The entire structure is made of redwood and cedar and double stained inside and out.  This structure can be used anywhere on the railway, in the rail yard area, alongside the mainline, or at the end of a siding.  With the addition of some tools, crates, and people, you have a perfect lineside scene without having to tear up and redesign your layout.


  This structure originated from a request by Matt Brown, owner of the Slate Creek Railway in North Carolina.  His railway required all structures to be of 1:20.3 scale and felt that the 9603 Lineside Tool & Supply Freight Shed with a larger platform would be a perfect fit!  PCGRS is committed to helping the customer get what they want, instead of having to settle for what only is available!  So with a little design work, we have a new structure to offer the public, and Matt has a structure that fits his needs!


  The lineside tool and supply freight shed with the standard platform requires a space that is 22 1/2" long and 10" deep.  The optional platform requires a space 26 1/2" long and 14 1/2" deep.  The platform should be placed away from the track based upon your widest piece of rolling stock.  The weight of this structure is about six pounds.  As with all our structures, each Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed is stamped with its own serial number.

Model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed with optional wide platform

Model 9623 Lineside Tool and Supply Freight Shed. Color is Roundhouse Red

9623 Lineside Tool & Supply Freight Shed

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  This photo gives one some perspective of the size difference between 1:20.3 and 1:24 scales.  Although the platforms are of different designs and dimensions, the shed dimensions only differ by the scale they were designed in.  1:20.3 structures are 18% larger in all dimensions and 64% larger in volume, which makes shipping a challenge!


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1:20.3 scale on left.  1:24 scale on right

Scale comparison

  Just like the four versions of the 1:24 scale Lineside Tool & Supply Freight Shed (9602, 9603, 9604, 9605) There also will be four versions of the 1:20.3 available (9622, 9623, 9624, 9625), and again with platforms built to request, if the standard does not fit your requirements!  Contact us by email for custom quotes.


  The model 9622 is identical to that of the 9623 except that the ends do not have any doo or windows in them.


  The model 9624 is identical to the 9622 with the addition of a ventilation cupola, but no end doors or windows.


  The model 9625 has all the features, and has the same ends as the 9623 in addition to including a ventilation cupola.


  They can be obtained in our standard colors (link to Color Selection), or they can be obtained as raw redwood.


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