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Yosemite Valley Railroad El Portal turntable (See "Custom Designs" tab)

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Raw redwood with code 332 brass rail

42" length Turntable with 20048 Brass Spider

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55 inch custom length turntable

  Although the 60 ft 1:20.3 scale turntable is the standard model length, we cleverly designed our assembly tooling to make custom length turntables possible for customers without having to redesign the tooling.  This allows our customers to have custom length turntables without having to pay for custom setups!  This can be very special if you are attempting to retrofit a turntable into an existing garden railroad!  Thus, lengths from 19" to 55" are possible at a price that is pro-rated from the standard length.  (Certain lengths do require different shipping charges though).  Contact us today for a quote about the length that you are interested in using!


  All turntable display stands and turntables are configured with the standard code 250 aluminum rail secured with steel or stainless steel spikes.  Optional rail of code 250 and 332 of nickel silver, brass, or stainless steel from various manufactures are also available at additional cost.  Or you may drop ship your favorite rail, tie plates, etc to us during the construction phase of your turntable!  As with our other structures, you may obtain your turntable in raw redwood form and stain it yourself to your needs!


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A very popular German made locomotive on our 20007B and 20048

24 inch custom length turntable

  The model 20007 Turntable Display Stand was introduced in 2000 as our first structure built in a 1:20.3 scale.  It originally was not designed as a fully functional turntable, but rather simply the deck of a turntable.  With the many fine 1:20.3 locomotives out there today, we felt that it was a shame for those locomotives to only be displayed during garden railway operation, with the rest of their time sitting on some shelf.  Thus, the Turntable Display Stand was designed to allow those locomotives to be proudly displayed all the time on a mantle or an office display, instead of just sitting on a piece of track.  Therefore, we designed a structure that is as dramatic and nicely detailed as those locomotives that might rest upon it.  For the prototype we again turned to the Pacific Coast Railway.  They had a striking 60 foot gallows turntable that was used at San Luis Obispo.  This turntable is one of the largest that you will find made today, and can hold the K's built by AccuCraft.  With a little work on behalf of the owner, one can convert the display stand to a fully working turntable for outdoor use!  Or, you can still just use it as a display stand!


  Our customers told us that they would like a functional Armstrong turntable that they did not have to build the center spider bearing.  Therefore, we designed a working spider bearing (model 20048) and modified the existing turntable deck (became model 20007B) to include the outside end rollers that ride on the circular rail in the bottom of the pit.  The resulting combinations makes a narrow gauge Armstrong turntable possible that requires the owner to only build the pit for it to set in!


  For those that operate with electrical track power, one can add the optional power pickups (model 20049) to electrify the rails on the turntable deck.  For those using battery powered or steam fired locos, this option is not required.

20007B Turntable Display Stand with optional

20048 Brass Spider Bearing

***  Custom lengths from 19 to 55" available !!

20007B Turntable Display Stand with Optional 20048 Brass Spider Bearing

All that you have to do is dig the turntable pit, build a pit wall, and lay the outside ring of rail to support the roller ends of the turntable!  This eliminates the "big dollar" shipping bill and size limitations that a pre-built pit will cost you, which can be more than the cost of the turntable.

20007B Turntable Display Stand with optional 20048 Brass Spider Bearing

***  Custom lengths from 19 to 55" available !!

20007B Turntable Display Stand