Pacific Coast Garden Railway Supply

Nancy and Randy  (photo S. Cedarleaf)

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12081 Pradera Road Camarillo CA 93012  805-491-2025

   PCRGS is probably one of the best kept secrets on the West Coast!  We do not spend a lot of time and money on fancy advertising and gimics to sell our products.  We are much more focused on producing a quality product that our customers enjoy; and for over twenty years those customers have been bringing their friends to our show booths to testify to our product's merit!


  Please take some time to review all aspects of our unique company by clicking on the navigation links on the left.  We hope that you will get to know us; our product line; and have a chance to personally meet us at a future garden railroad show!  Thanks again!!



  Due to the high quality of our structures and the large amount of labor that it takes to produce them, we sometimes have a backlog of orders, depending upon the structure!  We have many units in manufacturing right now, but unfortunately, some backlogs may exist, so we encourage you to order early!  We are more interested in the quality of each structure, than the total number that we can produce in a month.  All of these structures are built with the care and high quality that Pacific Coast Garden Railway Supply is known for.  We believe that these structures are the finest models built, and we hope you will feel the same!